Japanese Cream Puff Purveyor to Open on Magazine Street

Beard Papa’s, a world-famous cream puff shop that began in Japan, is opening soon in New Orleans! The bakery will be located at 4712 Magazine Street, just a block away from La Boulangerie. Franchise or no, these are desserts to die for, whether it’s a cream puff, éclair or profiterole.

Fulfilling all of your cream-filled needs, Beard Papa’s was slated to open this Saturday, June 12th, but as they stated on their Instagram account @beardpapasnola, there’s been a hiccough somewhere along the line delaying their opening. No matter, we can be patient for puffs!

Streamlining the cream puff process, this new-to-New Orleans bakery offers a “build-your-own” puff menu. First you choose a “shell,” from plain and chocolate to green tea, honey butter or s’mores and then choose your cream filling — vanilla, green tea and chocolate.

I cruised by the shop’s location late last week to take a picture, but I didn’t press my face against the window because there were other folks around. I’m sure I’ll embarrass myself when the doors finally open.

Photo from Beard Papa’s Instagram

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