Screaming for New Orleans Ice Cream: Mississippi Debris

Although I was going to save this one for last, I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. New Orleans Ice Cream Co.’s Mississippi Debris is my absolute favorite flavor and I had to share for all those chocolate lovers out there just like me. If you are the kind of fanatic who loves digging chunks of goodies, both salty and sweet, out of your pint, crunching on bits of chocolaty yum, then this is the flavor for you. It’s a munchy paradise of rich chocolate ice cream packed with truffles, malt balls, hunks of chewy brownies, chocolate-covered almonds, cherry cups, marshmallows, chocolate flakes and a delicious fudge swirl…whew!

John and I literally fought over this particular flavor and it was the first one to disappear out of all the different flavors we had. If you live alone, you’ll be safe with one pint. If not, be sure to buy enough Mississippi Debris for everyone or it just might get ugly up in the family freezer…

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