Sushi at St. Roch

Chef/owner Than “Lin” Regules and her husband Alex, the masterminds behind the Burmese and Malaysian-food stall Laksa NOLA, is now doubling your dining pleasure with the launch of Lin Sushi & Poke at St. Roch Market.

“The inspiration behind these dishes comes from our experiences cooking throughout Asia. We love to work and travel and have built such a wonderful following at St. Roch Market,” Chef Lin said. 

Not only does the new spot offer sushi, sashimi and poke (obviously), you can also score Tonkatsu Ramen and “Sushirritos” or sushi burritos — a sheet of nori stuffed with rice, cucumber, avocado, fried onion and a choice of salmon, crab, tuna or shrimp — perfect for a grab-n-go lunch. I can’t wait to swing by and try one of the chef’s specials, which sounds like the ultimate, sushi-style surf ‘n’ turf with steak, crab and crispy fried tempura shrimp.  

Lin Sushi & Poke is open 11am-8pm Sunday through Thursday, and 11am-10pm Friday and Saturday.

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