Three Steps Back

After progressive legislation to permit the production and sale of hemp products, Louisiana backpedals to the detriment of burgeoning businesses and next year’s Bayou Boogaloo attendees.

Louisiana is a state notorious for its love of revelry. Mardi Gras is only one of hundreds of festivals occurring annually, well outside the borders of Orleans Parish.

Along with great food and music, alcohol is ever-present — from the brews swilled while tailgating an LSU football game to the drinks crafted each year at Tales of the Cocktail.

Yet with all of the partying going on, people in this state still have no qualms loudly criticizing those who indulge in THC, even while sucking down an Abita Amber or sipping a well- made Sazerac.

Cognitive dissonance aside, Louisiana legalized the growth, processing, distribution and sales of hemp products in 2019, spurring an explosion of new business, employment opportunities, and an influx of millions in much needed tax dollars.

In spite of all of this promising industry and growth, Louisiana representatives are trying to turn back the clock.

Last month, the Louisiana Senate passed SB 237, a bill which would eliminate virtually all hemp products on the market in Louisiana. Now the House is considering it. If it passes, the legislation would ban 97% of the hemp market, including all THC beverages like Crescent 9 (a product I happily endorse), decimating a thriving new industry and thousands of small businesses across the state that have invested in it.

“Bayou Boogaloo has been a fantastic partner,” says Crescent Canna CMO David Reich. “Their early support for THC seltzers raised awareness of these products as a fun festival drink that lacked the downsides of alcohol. Last year, Bayou Boogaloo made history as the first New Orleans music festival to sell THC drinks as an alcohol alternative. We hope it’s not the last.”

Just the other day, President Biden endorsed the Justice Department’s move to reclassify marijuana from a schedule 1 to a schedule 3 substance. While the move won’t make it legal, perhaps it will help shift the prevailing Reefer Madness mindset, not to mention releasing the folks incarcerated for minor marijuana offenses.

Until then, I encourage Louisiana residents to get it “while the getting is good.” Enjoy Crescent Canna’s beverages this weekend at Bayou Boogaloo and write your representatives to protest SB 237. That way we’ll all be able to enjoy the lift of our choosing next year.

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