Watching grass die

My neighborhood has been inundated by construction in the past several years. First it was storm repair, next Oak Street was lovingly remodeled, then Carrollton and St. Charles Avenues were repaved and sidewalk corners were too…remarked in all their glowing-orange glory.

The most recent renovation involving gas lines required men and machines digging very deep holes through dirt, pavement and front lawns. These holes were left open (taped off for safety) during the repairs, but they have begun refilling them, including the ones dug on my street.

Though it’s true I have been annoyed by the noise, blocked streets, parking inconveniences and early morning catcalls emanating from groups of horny, bored men dressed in safety orange…for some reason, there is only one thing that really chaps my hide.

Who’s bright idea was it to put fresh sod on top of sand?

Now, in place of the usual greenery typical of any subtropic environment, we have dead patches of grass.

Since I live in an apartment, we really don’t have a lawn, but what about these folks who spend money to have their gardeners upkeep their lawn?

At least the cement sidewalks were replaced.

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