House of the week: Chippewa’s cute Creole Cottage

Located in the Irish Channel only a few blocks away from Magazine Street is this cute Creole Cottage double that’s selling for $215,000. Like my other “dream houses,” this cottage is a classic, built a century ago in 1911 and features gorgeous, dark hardwood floors, architectural details and high ceilings. It is a double, so I could rent out one side and live in the other, plus it has a humongous back yard. Each unit has it’s own, separate back porch for privacy, or if we end up getting along, the rest of the yard would be perfect for crawfish boils, barbecues…you name it.

My only real issue with this particular property is that the listing states it has a total of three bedrooms. What does that mean? One and a half bedrooms per apartment? What actually constitutes a half of a bedroom? Plus, it also says there are three full bathrooms. So perhaps one side has two bedrooms with two baths and the other had one bedroom and one bath? It’s all really quite odd. At any rate, it’s a really cute house at a pretty decent price for the area. Perhaps I could deal with the halved bedroom just long enough to remodel the whole house into one unit? Sheesh, there I go again! Dream on girl!

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