Oodles of food

Since I went out to several places last week, all of which were equally delicious, I think it might be best if I just do a quick run-down. You see, none of these places were what I intended to be my usual, weekly pig out, but I figured I’d eaten out enough for one week and decided to offer this mini food medley.

First, I had lunch on Wednesday with my first New Orleans employer and friend Jay at TrÅ« Burger. I scarfed down “The Charlie” burger with bacon, Swiss cheese, house made coleslaw on a butter toasted bun and we shared some onion rings, their latest side!

On Thursday, I was invited to have lunch with Lorin at the brand new Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar on the long-neglected corner of Napoleon and St. Charles. I realize it’s a seafood joint, and their BBQ Shrimp did rock, but what I can’t stop thinking about was the Beef Carpaccio with pickled okra, thick shavings of Parmesan and horseradish mayo…I could have eaten the whole plate.

Finally, on Friday I went and had won ton soup and fried egg rolls with my good friend Anne at Pho Tau Bay. It had been a while since I’d seen Anne (or the soup!) and we had such a fabulous time…

…that we stopped off at the Hong Kong Food Market on Behrman Highway and got a ton of sweets like steamed cheesecake, butter buns and even Cream Collon.

Believe me, they taste a hell of a lot better than they sound.

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