NOLA’s Biggest Slice is Coming to the Westbank

This Thursday, December 22nd, wankers will be able to drive-thru for the GNO’s biggest slice at Fat Boy’s Pizza Express located at 1535 Lapalco Boulevard! Because everyone needs a 30-inch pizza, the folks behind Fat Boy’s decided to capitulate to our demands and bring that big boy across the river.

“The Westbank has been asking for us to join their community for the past three years, and we are excited to finally oblige,” Vice-President of Operations Casey Biehl said. “Fat Boy’s Pizza Express will be our first-ever pizza-by-the-slice drive-thru model, which will provide our guests prompt and convenient access to our delicious pizza and chicken wings.”

In addition to their massive pies, folks will be able to pick up their waffle fries, wings, and daiquiris (because what goes better with driving than daiquiris?) — or if you like, the new location also offers outdoor seating, a full bar, arcade games, and video poker (who’d a thunk it?)!

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